Setter Ridge Vineyards Winery

The original winery opened in 2004 next to our house in Rockland Township. Here is where winemaking was learned through trial and error. We started with a bladder basket press that would fling grape skins at high pressures and we filled and corked the bottles by hand. We have come a long way from then. After purchasing 35 acres in Kutztown to expand our vineyard, we outgrew those facilities. A state-of-the-art gravity flow winery was built in Kutztown that opened in the summer of 2009.

The gravity flow winery has 3 levels built into a two-story building. The top level contains the tasting room and a kitchen to host food and wine pairings and winemaker dinners. There is a tasting pavilion on this level that overlooks the vineyard and the beautiful Blue Mountains. Here you can enjoy a glass of wine and a picnic lunch. The next level down is where primary fermentation takes place after the grapes are harvested. The lowest level is built into the hillside to keep our barrel room and stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature of 58 degrees all year long. The gravity flow setup permits limited contact between oxygen and the wine, which lets us extract more delicate flavors that may otherwise be lost.