The Blair Family

Setter Ridge Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery. Drinking wine brings family and friends together that forms bonds that grow stronger with each glass. When you visit our winery we hope you experience the same feeling of family and friendship. We would like to introduce you to our family. Don't be afraid to say hello when you stop in for a wine tasting.

Richard and Carol Blair married in 1975 and have five children, two boys and three girls. Richard is an entrepreneur and in the construction business and Carol was a middle school math teacher.

Brian is currently serving in the Navy as a fighter pilot. He has a wife and three sons. Even though Brian is on the west coast serving our country, he has worked with a Nevada winery and produced his own Syrah.

Missy graduated from Bucknell University and is the manager of Setter Ridge Vineyards. If you stop by the winery you will probably see her husband around, as well as her three girls and young son.

Becca has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Even though she is so far away, she usually makes it home for big events such as harvest and wine trail weekends.

Joshua graduated from Villanova University with a B.S. in Marketing and Management. Growing up Joshua worked the in the fields when the vineyard was first planted. Now he works in commercial real estate in the Philadelphia area while helping in the winery's marketing department in his spare time.

Anne Marie graduated from Penn State in mathematics. Throughout high school and college she has continued to work in the vineyard and in the winery as a cellar rat. She helps out at the winery on the weekends.